Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care

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Would you benefit from developing your knowledge and understanding of safe handling of medication in health and social care?

This course covers the different types of medication and what they are used for. You will also gain an understanding of how to store and dispose of medicines in a safe way, how to administer medicines safely and how to ensure that record keeping and audits are completed correctly.

This course offers paper based learning materials with online assessment OR Paper based learning materials and paper based assessment.

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 Please see a breakdown below of the units and sections within this course.

Unit 1: Understand medication and prescriptions
This unit covers the different types of medication that individuals are likely to encounter in the workplace, the various classifications of medication and the sources of information and guidance available to those looking to learn more.
This unit contains five sections, including:
• Section 1: Using different medications
• Section 2: The classification of medication
• Section 3: Legislation and guidelines related to medication
• Section 4: Roles of self and others in the medication process
• Section 5: Accessing information about medication.

Unit 2: Supply, storage and disposal of medication
You will gain a thorough understanding of how to correctly obtain, handle, store and safely dispose of medication, as well as the roles and responsibilities of staff in relation to these procedures.
This unit contains three sections, including:
• Section 1: How medicines are supplied and obtained
• Section 2: Storing medication
• Section 3: Safe disposal of medication.

Unit 3: Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication
This unit covers the administration of medication by examining the legislation and guidance relating to this process, the procedures to follow when individuals experience difficulties taking medication and common side effects of particular medications.
This unit contains six sections, including:
• Section 1: Legislation and guidance in relation to administration of medication
• Section 2: Preparations to be taken prior to administering medication
• Section 3: Safely administering medication in ways that meet individual needs
• Section 4: Supporting individuals to administer their own medication
• Section 5: The procedures that should be followed when problems occur
• Section 6: How the effects of medication are monitored.

Unit 4: Record keeping and audit processes for medication
You will develop an understanding of the audit process, getting to know the records that must be maintained in relation to the administration of medicines, as well as issues of responsibility and confidentiality.
This unit contains four sections, including:
• Section 1: The audit process
• Section 2: Recording information and confidentiality
• Section 3: Accountability and responsibility
• Section 4: Safeguarding individuals in relation to medication use

Course Units:

  1. Understand medication and prescriptions
  2. Supply, storage and disposal of medication
  3. Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication
  4. Record-keeping and audit processes for medication

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Start date:

Flexible start dates after 1st August 2020

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Last enrolment 31st May 2021


8-12 Weeks

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