Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills

Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills

Course information:

The online based course aims to develop your knowledge, understanding and competence in a range of different areas in IT. This course is ideal for anyone who would like to develop their IT skills, particularly those who use IT in their current job role. You must already have basic IT skills and basic knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), to be able to complete the course successfully. The qualification is suitable for learners aged 14 and above.

Please note: Competency elements will be assessed by viewing datafiles or screenshots of completed work. You will need access to a computer and the Microsoft Office suite to complete the course.


Unit 1: Using IT to increase productivity
In this unit, learners will be asked to choose the appropriate IT tools and systems to use for specific tasks, they will be asked to consider factors that can affect an IT task (such as legal guidelines and constraints), they will need to demonstrate the use of specific IT tools and systems and review their work approach to specific tasks to work out how this could be improved in the future going forwards to increase productivity.
This unit contains five sections:
• Section 1: Be able to plan and select which IT tools and systems are best suited to completion of an identified task
• Section 2: Be able to identify any restrictions or constraints that may affect how a task can be completed using IT tools and systems
• Section 3: Be able to use IT tools and systems to complete an identified task
• Section 4: Be able to review approach to using IT tools and systems
• Section 5: Be able to adapt their approach as a result of their experiences using IT tools and systems to complete a task.

Unit 2: IT software fundamentals
Learners will be asked to select appropriate types of software applications to present different types of information, they will also need to enter organise and format different types of information to meet specific needs. In this unit, learners will produce information that is fit for purpose, use a variety of layouts and review the effectiveness of the IT tools they have used.
This unit contains four sections:
• Section 1: Select and use appropriate software applications to meet needs and solve problems
• Section 2: Enter, develop, combine and format different types of information to suit its meaning and purpose
• Section 3: Present information in ways that are fit for purpose and audience
• Section 4: Evaluate the selection and use of IT tools and facilities to present information.

Unit 3: IT security for users
Learners will identify security issues that may threaten system performance, they will take security precautions and will identify potential threats to information security associated with technology. Learners will also learn how to follow relevant guidelines for the secure use of IT and will need to explain why it is important to back up information securely.
This unit contains one section:
• Section 1: Use appropriate methods to minimise security risks to IT systems and data.

Unit 4: Presentation software
In this unit, learners will identify what type of information is needed for the presentation and any constraints that could impact the presentation. They will also identify what slide structure and themes to use, and will use different techniques to edit slides, and the effects that can be used to enhance a presentation. Learners will also be asked to prepare slides for a presentation.
This unit contains three sections:
• Section 1: Input and combine text and other information within presentation slides
• Section 2: Use presentation software tools to structure, edit and format slide sequences
• Section 3: Prepare slideshow for presentation.

Unit 5: Spreadsheet software
In this unit, learners will work on spreadsheets and will enter and edit numerical information into a spreadsheet, and well as combine and link data across different spreadsheets. Learners will plan how to present and format spreadsheets and will select and use the appropriate tools to format spreadsheets. They will also select and format appropriate charts and graphs to display information. This unit also covers using appropriate layouts and describing how to find errors in spreadsheet formulas.
This unit contains three sections:
• Section 1: Use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data
• Section 2: Select and use appropriate formulas and data analysis tools to meet requirements
• Section 3: Select and use tools and techniques to present and format spreadsheet information.

Course Units:

  1. Using IT to increase productivity
  2. IT software fundamentals
  3. IT security for users
  4. Presentation software
  5. Spreadsheet software

Study mode:


Start date:

Flexible start dates after 1st August 2020

End date:

Last enrolment 31st May 2021


8-12 Weeks

Regional availability:


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