Thank You!
  The FBU ULF Project team and Learning Centre Staff are currently contacting and informing all our partners and associates of the Government decision to cease funding the ULF from March 31st 2021.   The particular news piece is to thank our learners, our supporters, our partners and wo...[Read more]
Published: Mon 14th Dec 2020 by Mark Dunne.
FBU ULF Digital Prospectus
   Please click on this link to view the FBU ULF prospectus for 2020-21 ...[Read more]
Published: Wed 11th Nov 2020 by Mark Dunne.
Courses available for the 2020-21 academic year
  The FBU Learning Centre and ULF Team are preparing for the new academic year and updating the distance learning and online courses that will be available for FBU members, family, friends and Fire Service employees.   For more information, please click on the course of your choice belo...[Read more]
Published: Tue 8th Sep 2020 by Mark Dunne.
Ground-breaking HIPA package for female firefighters goes global
  Following on from Doctor Alan Richardson's and Emily Watkins research into the effect of heat on firefighters and the creation of our successful HIPA training package, working in partnership with Beach Design and the Environmental Extremes Laboratory in the University of Brighton, we have co...[Read more]
Published: Mon 6th Jul 2020 by Alan Griffiths.
Retired Member Learns For Charity
The FBU ULF and Learning Centre offer support, guidance and accredited courses. In offering these, we try to engage with as many people as possible. It is always very satisfying to learn of Fire Brigades Union members continuing to help others in retirement but when they have utilised our Learning C...[Read more]
Published: Thu 25th Jun 2020 by Tim Davis.
ULF Project Impact Study
The FBU's Union Learning Fund Project are subject to a range of audits, inspections and scrutiny from Awarding Bodies, the DfE, Colleges and providers. Unionlearn have commissioned an independent piece of work in the form of an FBU ULF Impact Study, conducted Dr Andrew Dean and his team from the Un...[Read more]
Published: Wed 24th Jun 2020 by Alan Griffiths.
CPD Learning Packages
The FBU Learning Centre is now offering three exciting new CPD packages. All of these courses take 8 hours of study time, are fully online and can be completed in the comfort of your own home – making them ideal for learners working from home, on furlough or isolating.   These courses ...[Read more]
Published: Mon 1st Jun 2020 by Alan Griffiths.
Course enrolments still open
Looking to keep yourself occupied during the current lockdown? We will be ending enrolments for some of our courses within the next three weeks. but the majority of our courses will remain open for expressions of interest.   Our Project Support Organisers and Learning Centre staff are availa...[Read more]
Published: Thu 21st May 2020 by Alan Griffiths.
One of our Team
  Claire Wealleans worked for the FBU Learning Centre and ULF Project from 2003 to 2017. She had to stop working due to the rare cancer she has. Claire is a unique person and the FBU were lucky to have such a person working for them and to be told what to do by her! Thousands of FBU members an...[Read more]
Published: Tue 28th Apr 2020 by Alan Griffiths.
Retired FBU Member Keeps Learning
Retired member Tony Purnell recently contacted us to see if he could study one of the Distance Learning Courses we have available. He was very pleased that the answer was yes and he immediately applied for our Level 2 Nutrition & Health course.   Tony explained "I wanted to make the most ...[Read more]
Published: Wed 22nd Apr 2020 by Tim Davis.
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