West Sussex Members Gain Mental Health Awareness Qualifications

Added by Tim Davis on Thu 15th Jun 2017.
West Sussex Members Gain Mental Health Awareness Qualifications

Last November we visited Fire Stations in West Sussex FRS and enrolled a number of learners onto our Distance Learning Programme. Two FBU members have just completed their Level 2 Mental Health Awareness Qualification and we wish to congratulate them on their achievements.


Crew Manager Gary Miller and FF Jason Sadler, both based at Haywards Heath Fire Station,  chose to study the Mental Health Awareness course and after submitting 4 assessments over a 4 month period are very pleased to have achieved this Level 2 Qualification.


Gary emphasised that "completing this level 2 course has given me a greater understanding of a wide range of mental health disorders. It will assist me both personally and professionally in being aware of signs and symptoms and how it can effect people in their day to day living."


Jason also commented that "having been out of formal education for so long it took me some time to get back into the swing of learning, researching and putting down on paper so it made sense to somebody else and not just me ! "

He further expressed that "the course has given him a greater understanding of Mental Health issues and will certainly be of use in my job as a Firefighter when we visit people in the community who may have a form of mental health illness".


The reason Jason chose this course was to find out more information about two specific areas of Mental Health but as he states "I ended up finding all sections of Mental Health interesting and informative".


Both Gary and Jason have explained to us that they found the course challenging but also very well put together with excellent tutor support/feedback and is a great learning opportunity provided by the FBU.


Well done Gary and Jason.

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