FBU Learning Centre and ULF Prospectus 18/19

Added by Mark Dunne on Tue 14th Aug 2018.
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FBU Learning Centre and ULF Prospectus 18/19


    Expressions of interest are welcome from September 1st. Timescales for completion of course will be agreed at enrolment.


THE FBU ULF Project and Learning Centre are pleased to release of our accredited course prospectus for the 18/19 academic year.


Our qualified Learning Centre staff and Project team are available to provide impartial information, advice and guidance and signpost learners to the appropriate accredited course or provider to assist with their learning requests.


In the 18/19 academic year, FBU learners will have to adhere to the agreed timescales for units and work to be submitted to assist the Learning Centre with efficiency, administration and funding. These timescales will be discussed at enrolment and we ask that all FBU learners commit to the timely completion of work and submission of their work to assist our staff in the achivement of your chosen qualification.


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