Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Update

Added by Mark Dunne on Tue 17th Mar 2020.
Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Update


The FBU ULF Project and Learning Centre staff are implementing temporary plans and policies to keep us safe and follow expert advice whilst also attempting to keep the Project and Learning Centre ticking over.


We understand that the situation is changing daily and there are already conflicting strategies and advice from the government.


The FBU ULF and Learning Centre Team will, in the first instance, adopt the safest course of action for our team, friends and family and then attempt to work as best we can to push on with work and preparations.


We believe we are in extraordinary and unprecendented times and we cannot wait for unqualified and inexperienced people to guess or assume what is the best course of action.


We will attempt to update our learners and partners as often as possible.


Pleae take care and listen to the advice from Public Health experts and not unqualified politicians or the media.



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