Retired FBU Member Keeps Learning

Added by Tim Davis on Wed 22nd Apr 2020.
Last updated on Wed 22nd Apr 2020.
Retired FBU Member Keeps Learning

Retired member Tony Purnell recently contacted us to see if he could study one of the Distance Learning Courses we have available. He was very pleased that the answer was yes and he immediately applied for our Level 2 Nutrition & Health course.


Tony explained "I wanted to make the most of my time whilst we were in a restriction of movement situation. I noticed that the FBU were offering free distance learning courses so I decided to explore the possibilities on offer. I found that there is quite a choice of courses available. As I am now an "Out of Trade" member I wasn't sure that I qualified to take a free course. I contacted the FBU Learning Centre via their website to express my interest in becoming a distance learner.


I decided to study for the Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health as I volunteer my time as a cook and thought that I could do with some knowledge based around this subject to help me provide nutritional healthy meals."



During this period of lockdown it has meant  us sending out the Learning Course Materials by post to our students and then providing support alongside advice and guidance by telephone, email and even video calls.


Tony recalls "I was contacted by area project support organiser Tim Davis who went through what would be required of me as a distance learning student, explaining the modules, setting time frames for assessment completion and explaining how to submit work.

As I had already decided by then which course I would like to Tim made the necessary arrangements to enrol me over the phone. Within 48 hrs I received my learning pack through the post. This comprised of three module books, assessments and prepaid stationary."


All of us at FBULearn are in admiration of Tony as he now volunteers his time preparing food for those vulnerable in the local community and that he also wanted to find out more about health and nutrition to benefit not only himself but others.


Tony has now completed his course programme and had this to say about his experience of distance learning  "The modular learning system is easy to grasp. I had to read through the work books carrying out the exercises as you go and then at the end of each module carry out an assessment and send it off in the post. It's all pretty relaxed as there are no exams. The best thing for me was that you can study where and when it suits you from the comfort of your own home and get a recognised qualification.


My Tutor marked each of my assessments and provided me with excellent and bespoke feedback. 

When I got the okay to progress to the next module you carry on so on and so forth until you complete the final assessment. Once this is done you'll receive overall feedback and course summary from your Tutor who will award you a pass or ask you to do a bit more work in a specific area.

I was awarded a pass and I am really looking forward to getting my certificate! And it did not cost me a single penny!


I had chosen this particular course because I work as a cook in the voluntary sector and I have to cater for different groups of people. One group in particular are quite elderly and I wanted to find out about their nutritional requirements so that I could fulfil their nutritional needs. 

I enjoyed learning about kitchen hygiene and food safety as I felt that it was practical knowledge that I could immediately make use of as it is quite a responsibility preparing someone else's food and I want to get it right!


I also found it interesting learning about food disorders and what causes them. That's included in the course too! I also learned about food allergies, nutritional requirements of different groups and many other topics. I found the course really useful in gaining the knowledge to help me plan meals and get the best nutrition from our food. Although I am an ex mess manager I would recommend this course to anyone, it's well designed and enjoyable to follow."


Well done Tony, we all wish you well in the future.



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