One of our Team

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One of our Team


Claire Wealleans worked for the FBU Learning Centre and ULF Project from 2003 to 2017. She had to stop working due to the rare cancer she has. Claire is a unique person and the FBU were lucky to have such a person working for them and to be told what to do by her! Thousands of FBU members and their families have benefitted from Claire’s vision, hard work, knowledge and experience during that time. Claire worked with a passion and determination to establish and improve the Learning Centre and ULF and the achievements and successes it still has today are directly because of Claire’s work with everyone involved in the ULF past to present.


Claire is one of us, one of our team, affectionately known as “The Boss”. What you will not have been aware of is the personal story behind the daily work…..Claire details this in the link below.

Claire's Just Giving Fund Raising Page


Could you read Claire’s link please…it has been created by her family and friends….if you could share it across your contacts and networks we would appreciate it.


She is, beyond any doubt, the toughest, hardest, most determined and truly maddest person we have ever worked with or had the pleasure to know.


If you can help her and her family, please do.

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