ULF Project Impact Study

Added by Alan Griffiths on Wed 24th Jun 2020.
Last updated on Fri 26th Jun 2020.
ULF Project Impact Study

The FBU's Union Learning Fund Project are subject to a range of audits, inspections and scrutiny from Awarding Bodies, the DfE, Colleges and providers.

Unionlearn have commissioned an independent piece of work in the form of an FBU ULF Impact Study, conducted Dr Andrew Dean and his team from the University of Exeter. This is now completed and we have launched this positive and welcome study this week. The Impact Study clearly shows both the value and impact of the FBU ULF and details the work we do in the Learning Centre

The Infographic Summary is attached to show the great work our team achieves and the full study is available upon request to our Project Manager Mark Dunne mark.dunne@fbu.org.uk.



» fire-brigades-union-impact-study-infographic.pdf
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