Ground-breaking HIPA package for female firefighters goes global

Added by Alan Griffiths on Mon 6th Jul 2020.
Last updated on Wed 8th Jul 2020.
Ground-breaking HIPA package for female firefighters goes global


Following on from Doctor Alan Richardson's and Emily Watkins research into the effect of heat on firefighters and the creation of our successful HIPA training package, working in partnership with Beach Design and the Environmental Extremes Laboratory in the University of Brighton, we have commissioned a report into the specific problems on how heat affects female firefighters.

The research covers

  • Menstrual cycle effects on thermoregulation
  • Contraceptives and thermoregulation
  • Menopause effects on thermoregulation.
  • Effects of ageing on bone and fitness
  • Effects of ageing on muscle
  • Fertility and maternal health


This has gained interest from FBU members, firefighters, lecturers, managers, academics and scientists and from F&RS training departments within the UK, but now interest is going global with requests from Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Holland and the USA for more information.

We are now in a position to share this report in a pdf format as well as a PowerPoint presentation and this is is available upon request to our Project Manager Mark Dunne


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