Thank You!

Added by Mark Dunne on Mon 14th Dec 2020.
Last updated on Mon 14th Dec 2020.
Thank You!


The FBU ULF Project team and Learning Centre Staff are currently contacting and informing all our partners and associates of the Government decision to cease funding the ULF from March 31st 2021.


The particular news piece is to thank our learners, our supporters, our partners and work colleagues for all their support and enthusiasm. We really have enjoyed working with you and supporting and advising you since 2003 and you have been pretty amazing during that time. Thank you all.


I'd also like to praise and thank all the past staff and project workers for all their hard work and dedication and that extends to the current team and staff. You've been awesome and done, and continue to do, exceptional work. Thanks to Unionlearn and their staff and to other trade unions who have worked with us closely.


Thanks for your support, advice, friendship and belief that we were helping people and making a difference to their lives through awareness, education and learning.


2020 has been tough for all of us and this is certainly not the way we wanted it to end or start 2021.


Take care and best wishes,  Mark ( on behalf of all the staff and PSO's)

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