FBU ULF at FBU Conference 2018
  The FBU ULF Team have attended FBU annual conference and meet with delegates and officials and encouraged all members and learners to get involved with Skillcheck. We also had excellent support and a good discussion on the lifelong benefits of education from Jeremy Corbyn and the TUC General...[Read more]
Published: Thu 7th Jun 2018 by Mark Dunne.
  The FBU ULF team are encouraging all our learners and members to have a go at the Skillcheck, it's easily accessed selecting the Non-Unionlearn option and then selecting FBU from the dropdown menu and is a very straightforward way of seeing what level your are working at and can assist you i...[Read more]
Published: Sat 12th May 2018 by Mark Dunne.
FBU Learning Centre gains Direct Claim Status
  The Fire Brigades Union Learning Centre has been delivering adult apprenticeships to F&RS employees in 23 Fire and Rescue services. These apprenticeships are Personal Trainer Level 3 and are the result of years of planning and hard work. Our partner awarding body, ActiveIQ has conductin...[Read more]
Published: Wed 2nd May 2018 by Mark Dunne.
FBU ULF Team Fundraising Challenge
  The FBU ULF Team will be completing a 24 Hour Fundraising Challenge in aid of Matthew Williamson, son of our former FBU WULF Project Manager Nigel. Please see attached flyer for details, we hope you can support our challenge.[Read more]
Published: Tue 17th Apr 2018 by Mark Dunne.
FBU ULF looking for Union Learning Reps to step forward
  The FBU ULF  team are looking to support existing and new ULR's in the next academic year, please contact us for more details....[Read more]
Published: Wed 11th Apr 2018 by Mark Dunne.
Advanced Level Personal Trainer Apprenticeship Case Study
Last year FBU education along with our accredited National Learning Centre began working with providers and their team of tutors to offer an Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Exercise and Fitness. The 18 month Level 3 apprenticeship program consists of five individual qualifications and is available...[Read more]
Published: Thu 5th Apr 2018 by Tim Davis.
FBU Learning Centre maintains Matrix Standard
  Following a two-day assessment, the FBU Learning Centre has maintained it's Matrix standard.   Congratulations to all the Learning Centre and ULF Project staff who have worked so hard over the last three years to maintain and improve our standard of provision and delivery to our learn...[Read more]
Published: Fri 23rd Mar 2018 by Mark Dunne.
Canine Capers-Caring for your Dog
FBU Learning are very pleased to be able to offer the chance of Dog First Aid classes at a discounted rate with a National Provider "Animal Aiders"   Animal Aiders aims to deliver practical and high quality veterinary professional led animal first aid courses and has been doing so since 2006....[Read more]
Published: Mon 19th Mar 2018 by Ian Dick.
Region 9 Education Committee 5th March 2018
Region 9 Education Committee. 5th March 2018. Newmarket Fire Station.     Left to Right: Alan Jaye (Norfolk Brigade Chair), Martin Harting (Cambs Brigade Chair/RELO), Roy Humphries (Suffolk Brigade Sec), Jamie Wyatt (EC), Adrian Mayhew(Suffolk Brigade Organise0, Brian Hurst (PSO), Crai...[Read more]
Published: Thu 8th Mar 2018 by Brian Hurst.
"........gained me a Level 2 Qualification which is valued in education and Care Services if I decide to take a new career path when I retire."
It is always gratifying when an FBU member can benefit from our courses to help them understand conditions affecting a family member, especially a son or daughter, so when London Firefighter Terry Brown contacted us to study the Understanding Autism course we were very keen to enable him to enrol on...[Read more]
Published: Thu 8th Feb 2018 by .
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