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I am Graeme Lester and have recently been appointed as the Project Support Organiser (PSO) for the South East Region. During the last 2 years I have been supporting the delivery of our Distance Learning packages and I am now looking forward to progressing our course delivery in a full time role.

Region 11 also has the support of Tim Davis PSO and our aim is to support all Brigades in the process of embedding learning into the FBU's education structure and promote the benefits of returning to learning.



During the past 5 years a considerable amount of work has been carried out by Union Learning reps across the region. With 150 branches and around 3000 members, a significant number of people have benefited from this work, gaining new skills and qualifications that have not only helped them cope with the current Fire Service change agenda, but with all aspects of their lives.

Of course this has only happened by building positive and constructive partnerships with our Fire Service employers and Learning providers, signing learning agreements and "Skills Pledges", giving access to learning opportunities in the work place and actively working with the FBU to ensure that the learner's needs and requirements are met. We look forward to continuing developing those relationships around the 'Lifelong Learning Agenda' as we believe it is a win-win situation, everybody stands to gain. Now isn't that a first?

Our Learning Centre Staff and Project Support Organisers can also provide Information, Advice & Guidance to help you make the right decision on accessing new learning opportunities. If you are not sure about your first step back into learning or need help making the right decision about your next course or qualification then we can help you; we can also provide information that will help guide you to the right learning provider.  Just contact our National Learning Centre Staff or your local Project Support Organiser and we can arrange a face to face meeting or discuss via telephone or even Skype!



If you would like more information on the FBU Lifelong Learning Programme please contact myself or use the Contacts page.

Graeme Lester  FBU ULF Project Support Organiser

Mob: 07917 75947907917 759479


  • Berkshire FRS
  • Buckinghamshire FRS
  • East Sussex FRS
  • Hampshire FRS
  • Isle of Wight FRS
  • Kent FRS
  • Oxfordshire FRS
  • Surrey FRS
  • West Sussex FRS


Justin Kamphuis Oxfordshire FRS

Justin Kamphuis Oxfordshire FRS


Tim Davis

Role: Project Support Organiser Regions 11 & 12
07917 031 846

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