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About Us

National Officer Sean StarbuckWelcome to the Fire Brigades Union's Education and Lifelong Learning website which I hope you find informative and interesting.


As the National Officer with the responsibility for Lifelong Learning I am fully committed to ensure that the FBU provides and delivers a Lifelong Learning programme for our members and officials and offer these opportunities to our members and their families.


The FBU has a proven track record in the promotion of education as a powerful resource that, when used, is a most powerful ally. We also understand the importance that education plays in the lives of our members at work and in our family and social lives.

Our Regional Education & Learning Organisers (RELOs) are embedded in the FBU rule-book as our Union Learning Reps, ULR's.

The FBUs Union Learning Fund Projects, (in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), continue to play a key role in encouraging members to become ULR's and providing our members with a whole range of new Lifelong Learning opportunities. Like the RELOs the ULR's are an integral part of our union and I wholeheartedly endorse their work in promoting lifelong learning throughout the Fire and Rescue Service Community.

My aim is to have a Lifelong Learning agenda embedded as a fundamental mainstream benefit of being an FBU member: a benefit that can improve the lives of our members and their families.

Sean Starbuck

National Officer with remit for Lifelong Learning (ULF Project and FBU Learning Centre)


Fire Brigades Union:

The FBU is divided into twelve regions which are made up of 58 individual Brigades. To contact the Union Learning Project Support Organiser or Regional Education & Learning Organiser in your region go to the 'FBU in your Region' page.

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