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About Us

National Officer Sean StarbuckWelcome to the Fire Brigades Union's Education and Lifelong Learning website which I hope you find informative and interesting.


As the National Officer with the responsibility for Trade Union Education and Lifelong Learning I am fully committed to ensure that the FBU provides and delivers a Trade Union Education programme for our officials and offer Lifelong Learning opportunities to our members and their families.


The FBU has a proven track record in the promotion of education as a powerful resource that, when used, is a most powerful ally. We also understand the importance that education plays in the lives of our members at work and in our family and social lives.

Our Regional Education & Learning Organisers (RELOs) are embedded in the FBU rule-book and it is my responsibility to oversee their work in the organisation of National and Regional TU Education programmes.

The FBUs Union Learning Fund Projects, (in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), continue to play a key role in encouraging members to become Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) and providing our members with a whole range of new Lifelong Learning opportunities. Like the RELOs the ULR's are an integral part of our union and I wholeheartedly endorse their work in promoting lifelong learning throughout the Fire and Rescue Service Community.

My aim is to have an Education and Learning agenda embedded as a fundamental mainstream benefit of being an FBU member: a benefit that can improve the lives of our members and their families.

Sean Starbuck

National Officer with remit for Education and Lifelong Learning


Fire Brigades Union:

The FBU is divided into twelve regions which are made up of 58 individual Brigades. To contact the Union Learning Project Support Organiser or Regional Education & Learning Organiser in your region go to the 'FBU in your Region' page.

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