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The FBU have been working with Alan Richardson and his team from the University of Brighton to discuss his ongoing research and findings with regards to rehydration, firefighters, PPE and the physiological effects of heat on the body. This research also includes how to prevent dehydration and be aware of the symptoms and how to treat it. These findings address issues raised in two separate coroner’s reports.


The FBU ULF was subsequently asked to meet with the University to see if we could do anything with the ongoing research.


The ULF Project have been able to write a funding bid and submit it to the Department for Education, via Unionlearn scrutiny panel, and this has now been approved. The funding will be given to the ULF on the basis of the aims and outcomes of the written innovation bid.


The FBU ULF and Learning Centre are working in partnership with Beach Design and the University on all aspects of the successful innovation bid concerning rehydration, PPE, heat illness awareness and the physiological effects on firefighters.


The result of numerous meetings, reviews and quality assurance, has resulted in approval for the allocation of funds to allow the FBU ULF to produce:

  • A PowerPoint presentation that will deliver teaching and learning aspects of Heat illness, rehydration and awareness
  • An interactive HTML5 e-learning package broken down into modules and session reviews that uses and explains all the University research in more detail
  • An FBU ULF Level 2 distance learning qualification, achieved through workbooks and study, on rehydration, its signs and symptoms and how to prepare for and understand the physiological effects.

Working with our partners, the FBU ULF will be able to supervise all the work, keep to contractual timelines and ensure knowledge and support for our partners is available to create and produce all three bid requirements.


As each element is drafted and reaches a pilot stage, we will seek feedback from FBU Reps and officials and F&RS’s, managers and firefighters to amend the work to ensure we have the highest quality and compatibility for F&RS employers. We will seek to pilot different elements of the bid work with F&RS’s.


The FBU ULF and University of Brighton will retain the intellectual property of this work and we will seek to meet and discuss this work and the promotion and support of it, with national fire service employers and local F&RS’s to maximise our delivery and reach. Northumberland F&RS have supported us in the development of the HIPA package.


As this will be an FBU ULF innovation project containing safety-critical elements and information, we will include Wales, N.Ireland and Scotland when the work is complete and also and look to eventually utilise this information towards a national education and awareness package within F&RS’s with regards to HIPA.


For further information or to keep up with the development of the bid, please contact mark.dunne@fbu.org.uk or on 07917759477



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