HIPA Training


HIPA is an online learning tool which aims to reduce the risk of firefighter fatalities and heat-related illness through education.

Through short videos, quizzes and interactive games, find out:

  • how your body reacts to temperature changes
  • when you may be at risk
  • the effect clothing and PPE equipment can have on your core temperature
  • how to spot overheating danger signs
  • what to do when someone is at risk
  • how to minimise your chances of suffering from a heat-related illness

This training is presented in short 1-2 minute 'chunks' of information allowing you to stop and start whenever you need to, and progress at your own pace. Pick up your training wherever you left off in your last session, view your progress through the course with the progress bar, go back to previous lessons and redo any part of the course as you wish.

A PDF certificate will be emailed to you on completion of all three modules.

Estimated total course time: 120 minutes.


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